You've posted gorgeous photos on Instagram, writing witty captions and using Plann to make sure that your feed is up to date. But, you still feel that your posts have been attracting crickets and nobody has actually seen your fantastic content.

The good news isthat If you're already producing great shareable content, then congratulations that you're in the right direction to be successful! But there's one more element to the Instagram puzzle: hashtags!

The power of hashtags

Hashtags function as road signs that lead people directly to the Instagram profile! Think of them as your personal Google keywords to help people discover your profile. They can increase your visibility to those who aren't following you and enable you to participate in bigger conversations online.

However, knowing what Instagram hashtags is among the biggest pain points and where many users get tripped up. What are the best hashtags to be making use of? Do you need to include these in the captions or in your posts? How do you determine which ones are appropriate to put in your captions, so that you can be discovered by your ideal target audience.

Do not worry, we're here to assist you in navigating your way through the myriad of hashtags to ensure you can select just the right ones to get your posts noticed by the right people.

What hashtags should you include on Instagram?

Instagram allows for 30 hashtags to be utilized on every post. We strongly suggest using all of them -- since it allows you to make your posts more visible to a wider audience. It may seem like a lot, but the more you make use of, the more users will see your posts!

There's no set guideline to when you should include these in your captions or in your first comment. It may look better when you first post a comment, but is easier to schedule ahead in your caption.

You can change it up by using hashtag collections

But, you don't want to use all the exact same hashtags repeatedly again! Not only does the Instagram algorithm believed to view you negatively for doing so however, it also means you're likely always attracting those same users.

It's important to stay fresh and frequently mix your hashtags. The best way to do this? Hashtag sets!

In Plann, you can create smaller hashtag collections that you are able to easily choose and pick from each time you post to hit the total of 30. We suggest using between 5 and 10 hashtags per set, which is in alignment with your strategy themes (which you can choose to set in Plann's 'strategy' section.)

It's possible that you use a hashtag to promote your posts on thought leadership or for inspiration. You could also have another one for education and others! For instance, suppose, you're a beauty blogger and you've got your personal individual strategy prompts that you have set up in Plann which include beauty inspiration, healthy skin as well as acne positivity and so on. There are hashtags that you have targeted sets in Plann within these categories that you simply copy and paste into captions using the click of one button.

How to identify the most effective Instagram hashtags to use

How do you go about finding hashtags to use in your Instagram posts? The best way to begin is to think about the kind of content your target audience is likely to be searching for.

So, say you sell products specifically for cats, and your demographic is cat owners and cat-lovers. A great place to start is with #cats however, as we'll discuss in the next section, it could be too competitive. So, you'd want to look for hashtags that are related with this one.

The method for doing this is by heading to your Instagram feed, then entering 'cats' in the search bar. This will show a dropdown menu of different hashtags similar to that search term, aswell in the number of posts they've featured in.

You can also take the search to the next level by choosing among the hashtags within the list. There's a second collection of hashtags that are suggested at near the top, as shown in the picture below. This is an excellent base for building your hashtag collections in Plann together!

Another strategy for researching hashtags is to browse the Instagram accounts of other users who work in your field to find out what hashtags they're using . You can then reuse them for your own.

Size matters

Hashtags can be a bit of an Goldilocks situation. You shouldn't use ones that are too large, or too small -instead, you want to use using a mixture of medium to small-sized competition ones that work. If you're using hashtags that are too popular (think hundreds of thousands of posts) it could result in your content being swallowed up by a flood of posts, and no one seeing it. However, if making use of hashtags that are so particular and niche that it only has just a few mentions, it's likely that no one will ever search for it.

To find out the amount of images posted using a particular hashtag, simply type the name you'd like to use as hashtag in Instagram's search button on Instagram. Then check the number under the hashtag, as shown in the photo below. This number tells you how many posts using this hashtag are being posted on Instagram in the present.

What's a good size hashtag density?

To get people really interested in your posts, we recommend that you search for Instagram hashtags with less than 500,000 posts on them (unless there is a greater audience or an extremely involved audience, then try working with bigger hashtags). Also, don't be afraid of including hashtags with a number of less than 20,000 as they could be the ideal spot for those who are extremely engaged.

Another reason to look for Instagram hashtags that are between the mid-range and the smaller hashtags is visibility. When someone conducts an search on Instagram, the most popular pictures sit in the top Posts section. The rest of the pictures are arranged chronologically in Most Recent, as shown in the picture below.

"If the hashtag contains millions of photos in it, such as #beach, the hashtag will not allow any photos that aren't

making it to the top, it will disappear into being buried in seconds."

Imagine that you snapped an image of the beach in Santorini. Your image would stand much more of a chance of making it to the top position of Top 9, if you make use of the hashtag #santorinigreece with less than 100,000 images within it, and not #beach.

Make sure you know!

Let's become a bit more creative with these hashtags. If you're a fashion stylist, then you'd be inclined to use the hashtag "fashion". However, with over 350,000,000 hits on Instagram and more, you're aware your post will be seen in a matter of seconds on the first page of results for #fashion. Instead, it is possible to be focused and narrow down a bit according to your business and the photo you are posting.

Under #fashion, you will find #fashionstylist , which has just over 2 million posts. Much better. When you post your photo, you'll get lots of likes and people will know you're an expert in fashion.

We can achieve more. Consider other keywords you might use in your work. For instance, if you want to inspire your followers with some fashionable new trends, a good hashtag to choose is #springstyle or #winterstyle based your location. With more than 500,000 views in Instagram in each one of the hashtags mentioned above, you're much more likely to be seen there than on #fashion. However you'll be able to concentrate on what your customers are looking for. Hurray! Now is the time to create your hashtags list, choosing ones that really describe your business and your offering.


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