How do I browse anonymously Instagram Stories on my iPhone or Android?


Stories aren't the best option for those who want to keep your Instagram private.

You can look up the story of someone else and inform them that you've heard it, even if there's no relationship between you.

It is possible to tell the Story in a variety of ways and not be not being noticed.

These rules apply regardless of whether Instagram is being used via an iPhone or Android device.

This is the most effective and most straightforward method of flying mode.

Here's how This is how it works: You open Instagram, and it'll load the latest Stories onto your smartphone. Then, slide across the notification bar at the top of the screen to turn on flight mode.

The entire Story anonymously. After you have viewed Stories in anonymity close the application.

The app lets you browse in flight mode and discover the things you like (Getty Images).

An additional account may also be set up. Multiple accounts can be set up when you've got several email addresses. You must be a friend of the account holder in order to want to see their stories.

Certain people won't accept invitations from accounts they do not have access to.

Instagram makes it simple to switch between accounts.

A different option is to go to one of the numerous websites that let you browse Stories in complete anonymity.

They only be effective if you make your account public.

StoriesDown and AnonIGViewer will display your Instagram Stories privately without you needing to sign in.

You can also browse older posts without logging in.

No more DMs

Stories can be liked, but not an DM. Credits: Instagram

To let other people know about the Stories you're seeing It is possible to simply "Like" the Stories. It will not lead to the issue of sending an DM.

Any replies to Stories you share will be delivered to the email address of the recipient.

Instagram now lets you like stories on Instagram to show your appreciation.

"Now when you're Stories are being transmitted through the paper plane, and you're transmitting messages, you'll notice an icon that represents the heart." Adam Mosseri explained this back in February.

Instagram will inform that I have saved or copied any post from Instagram.

Instagram does not notify users of photos taken by users (or saves the photos) or when they create reels or posts, nor do they notify users of permanent DM conversations.

Instagram doesn't inform users when anyone takes a picture of their posts. (Photo was taken by Getty

You can also save your blog post in video or audio, which allows you to relax into the quiet of the forest.

When you create an account for an organization or creator Instagram lets users check how many other users have saved their post. Instagram does not display the individual user's account.

Instagram will inform an individual when a photo of an image that is missing is captured or a video that was posted anonymously through DM is shared. More on Inflact.


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